Advertise With Us!

Advertise With Us!

Autograph Blog offers the most inexpensive way to reach potential customers and clients. You can sponsor a ‘TTM Address of The Day’ for as low as $5.00!

Autograph Blog receives hundreds of unique visitors each day!

The best part about advertising with Autograph Blog is that your Ad stays on the site FOREVER!

You can pick the genre of Celebrity or Sports star (Football, Baseball, Actor, Actress, Singer, Politician, Hockey, Wrestler, etc.)

Your Sponsorship includes a Banner and Text Ad.

Here are the rates for ‘TTM Address of The Day’ Sponsorship:

$10.00 – 1 ‘TTM Address of The Day’

$25.00 – 3 ‘TTM Address of The Day’ (3 Separate Days)

$50.00 – 8 ‘TTM Address of The Day’ (8 Separate Days)

$100.00 – 20 ‘TTM Address of The Day’ (20 Separate Days)

For all other advertising, branded content, product reviews and business inquiries, contact me via email: for a MEDIA KIT.

Contact Me on Twitter: @autographblog

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